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True Blue Crossbreed Broadheads - 3 Pack

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 At True Blue Broadheads we aim to give you what many drop the ball on "EXTRAS". We all dislike getting a packet of broadheads that once damaged we need to buy another packet. At True Blue Broadheads we want to give you a sustainable packet that supports you on your hunt for any type of situation. 

The CROSSBREED represents the first of its kind interchangeable tip technology. A mechanical that can be fitted with any broadhead creating the deadly combination of great penetration and the massive cutting wounds. 

We want people to keep loyal to their favourite broadheads as we have. The CROSSBREED's strong 2 inch cut slices so effectively it's unbelievable. Don't believe us - BUY & TRY today.

**Please Note** Screw on points and broadheads not included.

Key Features

  • 2" cut
  • Accurate flight pattern
  • Interchangeable design to accept different tips
  • Weight 140-160 grains depending on spacers used
  • Spacers provide correct custom indexing of broadheads
  • Rust proof stainless steel blades with factory bevelled edge
  • CNC machined alloy body for high strength and solid penetration
  • Suitable for use with crossbows, compound bows and traditional bows
  • Comes in a three pack
  • Instructions on packet

What's the benefits of the Crossbreed

  • Reliable built in design
  • Massive increase in cutting diameter
  • Accurate flight pattern and tuneability
  • Better penetration for most fixed blade broadhead combinations
  • Crossbow, compound and traditional bowhunting compatibility

What's included in the kit

  • 3 x Crossbreed Broadhead Adaptors
  • 6 x spare replacement blades
  • 12 x spare replacement rubber O-rings
  • 12 x alloy spacer rings
  • Instructions on packet

Contents Includes

  • 1 x True Blue Crossbreed Broadheads - 3 Pack 

Product Code: CROSSBREED



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